With our family sessions we teach;

Mind Marvels Steps to Mental Health and Wellbeing

Learn – understanding our brains, feelings and how our behaviour is affected by our emotions.
Move – exploring mindful movement and brain games to promote health and wellness.
Connect – learning new skills for emotional self-regulation, such as breathing techniques and self massage.
Mindful – relaxing with mindfulness and visualisations.
Be Kind – acknowledging the power of gratitude, positive thinking and affirmations.
Karen Gibb delivering one to one Mind Marvels class online

Sessions are designed to be flexible and take place in the comfort of your own home with young people from the age of 3 to 16. We will interact on Zoom and parents/carers can be present or not depending on the child’s preferences. Blankets and a calming relaxation space are a wonderful addition for our sessions.

Young people will gain confidence and feel relaxed in an informal, familiar and safe learning environment to feel more able to identify and talk about their feelings and emotions. Strategies will help them regulate their emotions to cope with difficult situations now and for life. 

Book now to support your family’s wellbeing now and for life;

Block of Wellbeing Sessions

Single Wellbeing Session

We do offer a very limited number of free sessions for low income families.